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WolfStar Meme


Taken from booksnquills

 1. How long have you shipped Wolfstar? 

Since I watched POA in 2004 but then again by OOTP's book release in 2003 I was pretty adamantly into them so more like...9 years. Wow that's a long time.

2. Did the ship jump out at you the first time you read the books? Or did it take a while for you to see the chemistry between them?
I think shipping comes naturally to any reader especially in a book like Potter which has such an expansive fandom. You want to flesh out the life of your favourite character and you want them to be loved & all of the other relationships in the books seemed to obvious & easy that to me there had to be something more, something unseen...and that was Wolfstar.

3. Have you read the Shoebox Project? If so, how many times and what was your favourite chapter? If not, do you intend to? 
Not the whole thing. I know it's very popular though & do intend to read it all at some point, as well as TLAT.

4. What is your favourite Wolfstar fanfiction to date?
I used to read them incessantly throughout school, usually crying over the angst ridden ones but as I've started writing them myself I try not to read too many others as not to influence my writing...

5. Do you believe Remus/Sirius were canon? Explain.
I wholeheartedly always did & was a little letdown that JKR never confirmed it, though I never saw Remus’s relationship with Tonks as conclusive proof that he never once loved Sirius. This post pretty much sums it all up in ways I could never say so eloquently.

6. List up to five songs that define Wolfstar in your opinion.
It’s Alright- Sam Cooke (first wizarding war dancing)
My Body Is A Cage- Peter Gabriel (Remus’s condition)
Look After You- The Fray
As Much As I Ever Could- City & Colour (watch the perfect video)
Yellow- Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Rewind- Paolo Nutini (Remus post Hallowwn 81)

7. Name one of your Wolfstar turn ons when reading a fanfiction? (For example, Sirius wears a dog collar.)
I don’t often read fics not engineered to make me sob like a little girl but…confined spaces & breathless making out is always good.

8. Name one of your Wolfstar turn offs when reading a fanfiction? (For example, pet names like Remy and Siri.)
Their pet names are Moony & Padfoot…I mean what? But probably anything out of character really- like Remus being the dominant one, or Sirius being passive and sensitive.

9. If you could stop time so that Sirius and Remus could finally be together in a love that was lasting, what age would they be?
I couldn’t care less as long as they were together.

10. In your opinion, what aroma would Amortentia have for Remus Lupin?

Old books, cinnamon tea & stale cigarette smoke.

11. In your opinion, what aroma would Amortentia have for Sirius Black?

Chocolate, murtlap essence & lupinus flowers.

12. What gif best portrays your reaction if JK Rowling was to confirm that Wolfstar was canon all along? 
Mixture of these:
 way ahead of you goddess....but then...

13. Alternate ending in which Remus and Sirius survive; how do they spend the end of their days?
They move back in to the cabin in the woods under the stars called Lunar Park which Sirius bought with his inheritance before 81. Remus drinks lots of tea & Sirius smokes lots of cigarettes & they dance on the back porch & revamp Harry’s old nursery in to a guest bedroom. Remus works as a children’s librarian & Sirius teaches DADA at Hogwarts because he was the only person ever to beat Remus in that exam at school & he gets to teach Harry’s kids & life is dandy & fine.

14. If you absolutely had to ship Remus and Sirius with someone other than each other, who would it be?


15. Describe Sirius' and Remus' perfect date.

Their relationship during school was probably so secretive that they just like spending time with one another doing ordinary things other couples do like eating dinner, seeing movies and listening to music. Obviously some stargazing would be involved.

16. Do you see yourself as being more like Moony or Padfoot? Why?
Probably a lot more like Moony as he has all that bottled up self loathing and doubt. I don’t have any of Sirius’s confidence or recklessness. I over think everything.

17. Dreamcast. Who's yours?

18. How did Remus spend the first anniversary of James and Lily's death, Peter's supposed death, and Sirius' arrest?
Probably doing his utmost to ignore it, drinking himself in to a drunken stupor & sobbing over the box of dusty photographs he’s taken down from walls & shelves. He wouldn’t have anyone to talk to about them…apart from Snape and he hates him…I don’t think that day was a ever a good one for poor old Remus. Maybe he visited Harry but didn’t have the guts to knock on the front door of number four.

19. In your opinion, how did James and Peter find out about their friends? How did they react?
Lily would have known along of course, probably there only confidante on the matter. I imagine James got very irritated by Sirius spending too much time with Remus & they argued at every opportunity until Sirius finally blurted it out. Ultimately he was happy for them though disappointed that he now only had Peter to chat to about girls & scared of other people’s prejudice against his friend’s relationship. Peter probably took some getting used to it though.

20. First kiss. How did it happen? 

Initiated by Sirius after Lily let slip to him that Remus thought he was in love with him. Remus reacted badly and thought it was a prank only for Sirius to prove rather vocally and no doubt dramatically that it wasn’t.

21. What came first, love or sex?

22. Why does Sirius come to distrust Remus in the First Wizarding War?
Because they were dangerous times & they were working separately. Perhaps Remus was working undercover with the werewolves at that time and there were things he couldn’t divulge to Sirius.

23. Sleeping positions. The spoon, sweetheart's cradle, or a tangled mass of limbs, and so on?

Depends whether Remus is post transformation I guess. Normally with Sirius’s head on his chest though. I think Sirius would have only been vulnerable when it came to Remus.

24. In your opinion, who said "I love you" first, Sirius or Remus?
Sirius. Otherwise Remus never would have agreed to date the’ Heartbreaker of Hogwarts’.

25. Remus Lupin loves chocolate. True or false?

26. Coming face to face with a boggart, Remus sees a full moon. What form do you think it takes for Sirius?
His father Orion.

27. What if one of them (Sirius or Remus) took an interest in the Dark Arts? How would the other react?
They’d probably both check for Imperius or Polyjuice and failing that be disappointed and stage a Marauders’ Intervention.

28. Before they were an item, who do you think was the more jealous of the pair? 

Remus as we all know Sirius was a double dating sleazebag in an attempt to keep up with James and Remus couldn’t date because he’d have to explain monthly sicknesses and bodily scars to a poor gossipy schoolgirl.

29. How do you think Remus reacted when he heard that Sirius had informed Severus of the passageway beneath the Whomping Willow, and on the night of a full moon?
I think he felt betrayed & that that was the only time the Marauders ever saw Remus lose his shit. Sirius was no doubt miserable & alone & probably had to do a lot to get back in to Remus’s good books (not to mention other places)

30. If it was possible for them to have children, what would they call them?
Jacobi Black-Lupin for a boy & Phoebe Black-Lupin for a girl sound nice.  

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